Red Cat Adventures..

..newest offering merges areas of The Australian Curriculum and the world of salt and sun together creating an innovative interactive learning platform to engage all ages of all learning abilities. Crystal Lacey partnered with Red Cat Adventures to develop a bringing together of the classroom to the sea immersive learning program. Whether it be 1- or 3-day packages students from around the world will learn and discover like never before all things beneath the waves, the Great Barrier Reef and safety at Sea on board Red Cat Adventures custom vessels.

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In 2019 Crystal Lacey..

..planned, developed, and implemented the largest natural coral transplant ever to be executed on the Great Barrier Reef to date. Working within Cruise Whitsundays, partnered with Ultra Coral to conduct a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) approved coral and giant clam removal, transplant and monitoring at Hardy Reef.  

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Glass Bottom Boat Experience

Sydney’s SeaLife Aquarium has a new day and night on the reef exhibit. Here we developed additional captivating educational experience for the exhibit where guests can immerse themselves deeper into the understanding of the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. Custom video introduction and briefing completed my Crystal Lacey, Inaugural Master Reef Guide. Followed by an intimate glass bottom boat tour over the reef exhibit. Ensuring leading edge up-to-date educational information and messaging Crystal Lacey’s content creation was developed and implemented to enhance and ensure the experiences is unforgettable instilling a taste for adventure to explore the Great Barrier Reef. 

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Presentations & Events

Coral Sea Academy is an initiative providing series of innovative events designed to educate all demographics about the environment, Great Barrier Reef, better boating, and sustainability. We are regular speakers at the Academy, striving to enhance, educate and inspire through fascinating interactive topics showcasing the wonder of the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. Here are a few of the latest calendar events we have featured in.

If you have a project you'd like to work on with us give us a call..

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Past projects that have helped our clients achieve
wonderful things through our levels of expertise

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