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We're a boutique tourism product, training,
and experiences development consultancy

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Little Fish Tourism Development brings 15 years of tourism on water and administration experience together to provide practical and relevant training, product development, guest experience training and business framework auditing and development to your tourism business. With significant training and experience in leading teams, training staff and delivering guest experiences, Little Fish is the go-to tourism and marine expert in the Whitsundays.  Want to know more? 





Looking to refresh? Create a more immersive experience for your guests? Through an analysis of your current offerings Little Fish Tourism will evolve your products utilising leading edge interactive fit for purpose techniques producing innovative trending unique products and experiences.

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Little Fish Tourism will guide you through the product development process from ideation to delivery utilising innovative business philosophies. Operating from the guest’s point of view ensures that your new product or service and staff are equipped to deliver an outstanding experience every time.


Giving your guests the best experience creates lasting memories and referrals for your business. With extensive experience on the front line in roles including Cruise Director, Master Reef Guide and Guest Experience Manager, Little Fish can train your staff to deliver industry leading above and beyond immersive, interactive educational guest experiences.


Stay on the front foot and take the pressure off your senior staff with Little Fish Tourism conducting full staff in-house training and assessments as per company policies and procedures. Also available is a full audit and report of current policies and procedures to update and ensure staff training kept relevant to reflect business.

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Knowledge is power and education is the key!

If your looking to elevate your offerings to the next level our Marine Education and training programs are customised to enable accurate geographical immersive learning for guests and crew. Our extraordinary knowledge hub consists of The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Master Reef Guides, unmeasurable world leading scientists, researchers, Videographers for the National Geographic, Galapagos Islands Guides and many other Governing bodies. 



Master Reef Guides are recognised as world leading coral reef guides, sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.


Are you wanting to dive deeper into the alien world beneath? Whether its a presentation at a school or event location, media event, private tour, desire to have a private tour guide, have your own vessel or want a custom adventure designed specifically to your dreams and desires - Little Fish Tourism will coordinate a Master Reef Guide to bring to life the mindboggling magic of the reef. 


Immersive Educational Interactive Experiences are the Holly Grail of Tourism.

Set the bar higher than ever before and take your guests on a journey they will never forget. We will customise unique enhancements or new innovative products to your business, showcasing experiential opportunities no one else has to offer.


Connected throughout the Marine Tourism Industry of the Great Barrier Reef for the last 15 years, Little Fish Tourism have cemented unique relationships on a global scale providing a platform equipped to escalate the tourism businesses into the future.


Little Fish Tourism is adding to their offerings for the industry and providing 'Front line' First Aid | O2 | CPR | DEFIB courses. Ensure your team are kept current not only with certification requirements for the workplace but also ensure in-house emergency Drills and Training are completed in the process. Providing the ability for businesses to have up-to-date staff trained for an emergency and follow their SOP's ultimately ticking 2 boxes: Qualifications and company drills and training. 

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We'd love to have a chat about how we can help you..

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